Cruise To Alaska

March 8, 2020

Cruise To Alaska

Do you ever wonder how it is like to cruise in Alaska? Well, if you think that this place is only good for skiing then you are wrong.  There are a lot of cruise tours going to Alaska and if you are reconsidering giving this a thought, here are five things you can expect on your cruise to this beautiful place.

It’s cheaper between May and September

Many people often cruise to Alaska between July and August because of the good weather condition. However, the cruise season in Alaska is usually between May and September. If you decide that you book around these times, many agencies usually offer cheaper rates.  The weather is less than optimal and it will be worth it.

This is the most unique cruise experience you will ever have

So you are probably thinking of Alaska with snow-covered mountains and white terrains.  But don’t worry; you wouldn’t be cruising through the ice. Nevertheless, a cruise to Alaska is not like a typical Caribbean cruise. This time you need to prepare yourself for a whole new experience and a much more toned down style of cruising. Most Caribbean cruises will give you all the luxuries you need inside the ship but will make you forget how beautiful the outside world can be. A cruise to Alaska will give you an opportunity to reconnect with nature. There will be more enrichment talks and most of the people inside the ship will forget about going wild on the pool decks. A cruise to Alaska is more about enjoying the outside view.

You will enjoy the view more than the things the ship

The point of cruising to Alaska is not about what the ship can offer. Although all major cruise lines have at least one ship sailing in Alaska during the cruise season, people tend to give more time enjoying the outdoor scenery and surrounding wilderness. So if you are kind of finding the purpose of your life, you feel alone, or you need more inspiration, this cruise will probably help you find what you’re looking for.

Shore excursions are truly expensive

If you want to try to go to the shore you need to prepare an extra budget for that.  Part of the experience is getting to do and see all that Alaska has to offer. You can go all that way on top of a glacier or head down to the White Pass Rail. This will cost you around $100 per port of call. Some can cost higher than $300 but rest assured that everything will be worth your money.

A cruise to Alaska is a lifelong memory. We went with friends who helped us start a business almost 10 years ago. We had a great time and highly recommend it to anyone. Have fun!

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