Best Budget Travel Destinations

March 6, 2020

Best Budget Travel Destinations

Many travellers know that the Middle East, and Eastern Europe are the cheap places where you can travel in. Because of the different levels of development and various currency values across the globe, there are some places that provide your trip much value than others. 

So forget about travelling to the countries where you have to pay $40 and $100 just for a meal. In this article, I have listed some of the best Budget Travel Destinations that will make your trip worth it by travelling in some cheap countries such as, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam, and much more.


Iran is one of the most underrated budget destinations out there. If you are ever planning to travel to this amazing place then you will truly have an incredibly true experience. Iran is the easiest country to travel across the world.

With gorgeous Islamic Architecture, and outstanding hospitality of the locals, and the stunning island of Hormuz makes Iran a broke backpacker heaven. Travelling through Iran will be an amazing experience and you can explore the place for as low as $10 per day.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another budget travel destination that is highly recommended for nature lovers. This country is full of amazing landscapes and you can easily explore through it by foot or by a train. There is a small community of Backpackers who spend their holidays while hiking the mountains in Sri Lanka.

The backpacking router in Sri Lanka is well trodden. This country is a house of famous archaeological sites. So, if you are a history lover then this is another great recommendation for you.


The weaker currency of Turkey makes it a cheap place to travel. Turkey is one of the best ever travel destinations that you should give a must visit. The country is extremely diverse and you can experience different sights here. You can spend your time walking on the streets of Istanbul, giving a try to the delicious and mouth watering street foods and also you can visit some historic places such as Hagia Sophia.

You can easily explore the country within your budget just by planning a few things. For example, you can find your budget accomodation for as low as $15 and you can enjoy meals under $3 here. 

The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best travel destinations in South East Asia where you can visit several islands in a planned budget. The Philippines is a place that hosts mind blowing beaches, swaying palm trees, great hospitality, friendly locals, and pounding parties. 

Backpacking in the Philippines provides you an opportunity to visit thousands of islands located there. It is a vast country with beautiful beaches, adrenaline pumping activities, and some of the genuine people who are living legends. 

If you are planning to stay here then you should visit the major tourist hotspots. In order to travel according to your budget, you will have to act upon careful planning in the Philippines.

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